Friends of Leraine, 

We just spoke with Leraine. She is having a rough day and is unable to leave home. She is disappointed not to be with you this evening. Our hearts and prayers go to her.

Our evening has shifted a little. We have incredible musicians and fans of Leraine here. We are going to rock out yoga style with Tony Khalife, Hannah Webster and Friends….and send Leraine our love.

May she feel the high vibrations from us that she is always putting out into the world with her music and her whole being. Proceeds will still be donated for her healing journey and to support her music. Thank you for your understanding. Come rock.

Schedule of Events

Only able to attend for 1-2 days?? Use Discount Code 1DAYPASS ($149) or 2DAYPASS ($216). Best value and experience is the full 3 days $300.

Our Mission: Create safe and sacred space for sharing the wisdom of yoga. Expand our knowledge and intuition so we may uplift and inspire each other. Honor the journey of soul, body and mind.

Our Values:

  • We honor the practice of yoga and experience the healing and transformative power of alignment, movement and breath
  • We weave our collective threads to learn, share, connect and celebrate all that is positive in this world
  • We give back in the spirit of “SEVA” (selfless service)
  • We honor the practice of yoga as a pathway for transformation and awakening consciousness
  • We feel our connectedness and the power of coming together in community
  • We strengthen ourselves so we can go out in the world and be impactful

Our community-driven yoga mountain retreat offers an intimate audience the opportunity to experience many aspects of yoga and its positive impact on individuals, community, and the planet. Namaste.

Our Venue – TIFIE Ranch

Featured Presenters

Leeza Villagomez

Leeza Villagomez : Mother, Grandmother, founder of Yoga Den Health Spa & School of 18 years. She is very thankful to have been introduced to yoga in her teens, in deep gratitude for all her teachers and continues to be amazed at how much there is to learn from these sacred teachings. Born and raised in Corona, Ca. Grew up showing horses, studied Hawaiian dancing and her lineage, Portuguese Hawaiian. Leeza was offered an opportunity to travel to Europe and model. She experienced more than 15 countries. Very thankful she had yoga to keep her balanced. She loves people and realizes we all are unique and have a purpose. Honored to be a yoga teacher and welcomes all people, ages and levels with an open heart. Her vinyasa flow class is like a slow dance, moving from one pose to the next, emphasizing every movement has a breath. Caution: Chanting, dancing and abundant Love will occur!

Manoj Chalam

Manoj uses an entertaining story telling style using Hindu/Buddhist deities in his workshops to illuminate deep Vedanta philosophy and help people in their hero’s journey. An Indian-born scientist with a PhD in Chemical engineering from Cornell University, Manoj helps individuals find their archetypes in Hindu Yogic deities and teaches the 5 practices to work with their archetype as a Vedantic practice. He has also compiled a book on the symbolisms of Hindu and Buddhist deity archetypes. 
Manoj is in the business of story telling to inspire people. And podcasts / you tube videos is the new compelling media to tell stories. Manoj was interviewed recently by the Ram Dass foundation for their podcast on “The Deities”.  Manoj, Jyothi and Kurt have created an “online ashram” under Patreon. Manoj’s workshops are usually 70% lecture, 15% archetypical deity yoga meditations, 10% Mantra chantings and 5% light spiritual stretches. 
You Tube channel / Patreon: Murtis and Vedanta

Tony Khalife

Tony’s mission is to raise the world’s vibration through music…..…to be the rose growing among the ruins, the smile through the tears, and the melody of peace overpowering the guns of war.

He is transcendence through music.

Blending a lifelong search for musical truth into all forms of world music, Tony weaves a seamless vibrational flow in which the drone and ragas of Indian music and the resonance of devotional Sufi dances  meet Western harmonies to flow into the different pulses, melodies and expressions of all forms of music Tony has mastered.

With his newest release “The Farther Shore Of Light – Sanskrit Songs Of Devotion”, Khalife highlights his mastery as a devotional artist and multi-instrumentalist in a soul-stirring recording of ancient Vedic Mantras and Hymns.

Hannah Webster

Hannah was introduced to Yoga from the time she was in high school. She loved going to hot yoga classes and very quickly got addicted to the feeling of clarity and peace from each class. As a dancer growing up, she thought yoga felt like home to her body as well. So when she moved to California from Indiana, she decided to join the Yoga Teacher Training with Leeza Villagomez in 2017. Being immersed in the yoga world introduced to her so much more than the Asanas. Doing cleanses, workshops, kirtan and working with a Shaman has filled her heart with so much gratitude, reflection and happiness. She loves to spread positivity and self love through her classes and share her love of kirtan with her students by singing with her guitar. Hoping to raise the vibrations on this beautiful earth! Jai Ma!

Brian Shaheen

Brian Shaheen (E-RYT 500) has been practicing yoga and incorporating its philosophy into his life since 2010. He has studied with Leeza Villagomez, Saul David Ray, Janet Stone, as well as Shiva Rea and many more. Brian has traveled to India, Bali and has spent time at the Esalen Institute practicing this ancient science of balance (Yoga). He continues to practice and teach a blend of Gentle Yoga and Vinyasa. Brian’s kind and gentle manner is well suited to leading students of all levels. When teaching he hopes for students to find balance mentally, physically, and spiritually providing them with a practice that they can embody in their daily lives off the mat. You can find Brian teaching all over Southern California, as well as assisting and leading teacher trainings through the Yoga Den Health Spa.  @BrianShaheenYoga

Stephanie Barker

Studio Owner, RYT 500, Stephanie was first introduced to yoga as a Fitness Instructor in 2005. Her yoga path took Stephanie to Yoga Den’s International School where she trained both in California and at the heart of yoga in India! She has been fortunate to train with and learn from amazing teachers. Her training emphasized both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, bringing purpose and gratitude to her practice. Students and Trainees are drawn to the fun energy and beautiful space she creates at Bhav Yoga Den. Her teaching style and practice includes powerful vinyasa flow, kids yoga, yoga basics, gentle yoga, meditation, restorative yoga, use of aromatherapy, props, and music. Stephanie has a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication and Master’s of Business Administration. She loves sharing the journey of yoga and mindfulness, building a community of higher consciousness.

Joseph Cancilla

As an Entertainer, it’s about more than just performing a learned skill. Entertaining is about delivering the full experience, engaging the audience & giving everyone a moment in time they’ll always remember. My team’s are extremely proficient in Luau Entertainment, various Fire Flow art forms including the Samoan Fire-Knife dance, Acrobatics & Aerial artistry.

Maka Mamas

Magical dynamic vocals and acoustic rhythms…. spiritually inspired & heart centered high vibrational organic earthy tribal kirtan medicine for the soul!

Experience the vibrational healing of the didgeridoo, native american hand drum and flutes, crystal bowls, gongs, sacred chants and more. A nurturing experience creating an energetic connection with ancient and sacred sounds of the ceremony of life. Journey with us as we drum, chant, sing and dance with the cosmos.

Love these beautiful spirit warriors. Check out their Gratitude Song

Richard Hales

Richard is a Karuna Reiki Master with a passion for helping others find their own healing.  He has been working with sound healing for 3 years including weekly meditations, addiction recovery centers and healing events.  His goal is to assist people to an inner state that supports them along their healing journey.

Sarah Bargar

Sarah Bargar (RYT 200, LCSW) was introduced to yoga after high school and she began her teaching journey in 2018 with Stephanie at Bhav Yoga Den. She spent the bulk of her life dancing which has influenced her practice and teaching style. She enjoys bringing a fun, loving energy to her classes, encouraging students to build strength and love for themselves through their own practice. Sarah works as a mental health therapist with clients ranging in age across the lifespan, specializing in youth and adolescents. She is passionate about trauma work and creating space for healing. Her goal is for every person to find healing through movement, sharing their story or simply embracing joy in the day to day. 

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We invite you to the first ever SHANTIFEST. Come enjoy a Mountain Retreat with an intimate Festival feel. Featuring a variety of classes workshops, music and art from inspired teachers who honor the roots and traditions from the heart of yoga. JOY….UNITY….PEACE

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