Yoga Etiquette

Namaste beautiful yogi

ARRIVE EARLY  —  Studio opens 5-10 minutes  before class starts to give you time to check in, set up your mat and begin meditation.

CHECK-IN  —  Take off your shoes, turn off your cell phone and log in.

BRING A YOGA MAT  —  We recommend you have your own. Mats may be rented for a class ($3 fee) but there is a limited supply on hand.

DRESS TO BE COMFORTABLE —  Wear loose-fitting or non-restrictive clothing and avoid accessories that could impede your movement. Classes are barefoot.

FOOD  —  An empty stomach will ensure you are more comfortable in class. Wait two to three hours after a meal or an hour after a light snack or drink.

WATER  —  Avoid sipping water during class, but drink plenty afterwards. Absolutely no “sticky drinks” such as juice, soda, coffee, etc. in the studio area.

PERFUME IS A NO  —  Please…help us maintain a fragrance-free environment.

SHOWER  —  Yoga Postures come easier after taking a bath or shower. Taking a shower before coming to Yoga Class refreshes the body and mind…and helps maintain a fragrance-free environment.

TALK TO THE TEACHER  —  If you’re new, enter the studio a few minutes early and introduce yourself to the teacher. Those having to leave early should tell the teacher before class.

PHYSICAL OR MEDICAL ISSUES  —  Communicate any pre-existing medical problems, injuries or pregnancy to your teacher before class. Teachers strive to tailor the yoga poses to accommodate your needs.

Yoga is a mind-body technique that integrates breath, poses and meditation, promotes mental clarity and an overall sense of well-being. It starts small, with the body, but its benefits can be large. By promoting physical, emotional and mental change, yoga can help you transform your life.

Have Fun

Our intention is to create safe and loving space where you may come to heal in mind, body and spirit. It is an honor to share our skills and practices with others who love yoga. We have fun and invite you to join us. Smile. We see you, and you matter.

Listen to Your Body

Yoga strengthens the connection of our mind, body and emotions. Part of this is building mindfulness around the sensations in our body. Listen or ask for modifications and variations in the poses that honor where you are in your journey in the present moment. When you find your edge, be patient and breathe.


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